This website is obviously intended as an advertisement for the services we offer to Can-Am Military motorcycle owners worldwide and for the large quantity of new and used spares that we carry.  This most recent version of our website has been trimmed down to reduce the time needed to run it and to reduce costs, no apologies there but it is for the benefit of you and us.  Our commitment to helping you remains as strong as ever.

Military Can-Am is a 'hobby that went wrong' for two, now old, fellas here in the UK.  Both of us, Paul and Dave, are over 60 and no longer in full time employment having been engineers since joining the same apprenticeship scheme in the mid to late 1960's.

MIlCan-Am-Model-01-large (110K)

The Military Model Can-Am

The Bombardier Can-Am Military Model was very heavily based on the mid '70s Track 'N' Trail although it was of course available in only one fetching shade of green - some parts also fit models in the MX and Qualifier series.  Our spares holding runs into tens of thousands of individual parts.  Major tranches of spares that we have bought over the last 20 years, the last being in Europe in 2013, have been aimed at improving the availability of parts (like OEM Elko pistons) in an effort to avoid being unable to supply that part needed to get your Can-Am going or keep it going.


Whilst this version of the website no longer has images of spare parts we hold, we were previously unable to show every item we have anyway so now not having pictures seems not to be hugely significant.   You will most likely know what the part you need looks like but if necessary we can send you a picture of the part if confirmation is required.

Support Information

We produce a CD holding over 20 pdf files for you to use in owning, operating or maintaining your Military model Can-Am.  There are workshop manuals, parts lists, operating information, tuning notes, a MoD evaluation of the model, modification instructions and many more.  Available free with any spares purchase but if you ask you can have one anyway.  Can also be found on Ebay under the sellers ID 'beesa71' but you do have to pay for it there......

Where Are We

Being UK based, we can ship to all of the parts of the UK and to the Continents but do please bear in mind the costs of doing so if you are not in the UK.  We are a mail-order business but can sometimes accommodate you calling for larger items or if you are local to us - we are in the North West, close to the M6/M56/M62 intersections.

Contacting Us

Please note that we are not always available - nowadays, despite not having full time employment, life gets in the way.  Contact with us is best made by either telephone or email, details for which are HERE